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Automotive Shop Equipment Sales and Service

If you’re thinking about the future of your vehicle service facilities and want to continue to improve your operation, the right equipment can make a big difference. Get a handle on today’s technologies and put the best brands in the business to work for you.

Auto Shop Equipment From the Best

The more things you can be sure of in your auto repair facility, the better your operation runs. That’s why the lines of automotive shop equipment we sell, install and service at Reliable Equipment and Lift are world leaders. We offer Hunter Engineering for alignment and wheel service equipment, Graco for fluid movement and management, Rotary Lifts for your vehicle lifts, Harvey Industry for exhaust extraction systems and Shure for top-quality workspaces and storage.  We also offer multiple air compressor and compressed air install options.

It’s What We Know That Helps You Profit

We bring you top products and add our experience, training and knowledge so your technicians can stay focused on their core jobs and help your service manager do right by your customers.

Wherever you are in your company’s growth, we can help:

Auto Shop Equipment Supply That Comes With Know-How

Repair facilities have to spend time keeping up with regulations and paperwork. They don’t have to go it alone, though. We can help you stay aware and compliant with the latest products and services.

A Solid Foundation for Your Busy Service Business

Our specialty is your infrastructure: the things you use every day and rely on for every job. Look to us for fixed operations equipment supply, including:

automotive shop equipment

New Equipment Sales

When in the market for new automotive shop equipment, check our competitive pricing and talk with our certified sales team members for the best deals.

HunterRotary | Graco | Harvey | Shure

Automotive Shop Equipment

Service & Repair

Getting your automotive shop equipment serviced by Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC experts comes with knowing the job is completed with care by knowledgeable factory trained technicians.

Service & Repair
Automotive Shop Equipment

Equipment Installation

The Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC installation approach is designed to eliminate mistakes and delays and ensure there are no costly consequences for the project.

vehicle lift inspection

Automotive Lift Inspections

Proper maintenance and operation of automotive lifts is critical. Our lift inspection program will ensure that your shop meets all training and documentation requirements.

maintenance plan for shop equipment

Maintenance Plans

We can schedule maintenance operations for all of your shop equipment. Important, preventative measures will keep your equipment running at optimum performance.

maintenance plan for shop equipment

Our Service Area

We support auto repair shops in the Florida panhandle, including Tallahassee, Pensacola and the Dothan, Alabama, area.

About Us

Auto Equipment Supply for the Florida Panhandle

At Reliable Equipment and Lift, we help keep your business running smoothly, from designing new facilities to replacing old equipment. Reliable Equipment and Lift provides support and service that keeps our customers focusing on their customers.

Tell Us About Your Shop and Let’s Talk About Your Future

How can we help you now? Are you considering building a new facility, upgrading your existing one or updating a few bays? Is your fluid handling system getting old or in need of a secure management system? We’re ready to sit down and talk with you about your near- and long-term plans and help make sure they turn out right. We’re ready for your call.

ALI certified lift inspector badge

When Reliability Counts!

The safety of technicians and the operations of your business rely on your automotive lifts. Your equipment is a critical part of your organization. It is crucial to ensure your automotive lifts are properly maintained and inspected. Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC has Automotive Lift Institute trained inspectors ready to meet your inspection needs. Regular inspection and maintenance is crucial to getting the best return on your automotive lift investment. Call us today to schedule your automotive lift inspections.

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