Automotive Shop Design

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New Automotive Shop Design

Imagine designing your new shop workspace with Reliable Equipment and Lift’s experts. We have the experience, factory information and shop design details that help plan your automotive shop and garage equipment installation so it goes smoothly and meets your needs. Modern automotive shop designs can be complex, but we take care of the details so you can relax and get to work as soon as it’s done.

When we plan, design and install your shop equipment installation as a team, you can get excited about your new project without a headache. We know that your work depends on the quality of our work, and we respect that.

With the right equipment expertly arranged and installed, you can relax and get to work on your customers’ vehicles with everything just where you need it. We’re ready to sit down with you and start planning.

If you have limited storage space, we can usually take delivery of your equipment and stage it at our large warehouse so your space isn’t tied up holding new shop gear as it’s shipped in. We want your installation or upgrade to be a breeze.

Our modern automotive shop design process takes care of the details as we pull together your fixed equipment such as lifts, workbenches, fluid handling equipment, tire changing equipment and alignment systems. We sell and repair these products and know how to specify the space, power, air and other requirements and make sure your new layout for automotive repair shop installation covers everything you imagined.

If you’re an automotive hobbyist or car collector, we have auto shop layout solutions that fit your small shop or storage area. Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC can help design small hobby shops and places to store and work on your personal car collection.

automotive shop designed by Reliable Equipment & Lift

Shop Upgrades, Moves and Remodels

Let us handle your shop upgrade, move or remodel, including deinstalling existing equipment. The more we know about your current equipment and how it was installed, the more we can pay attention to the details as we create your new space, so include us in the process as soon as possible. We work together with our designers for a top quality job, and our team of qualified and professional service techs is ready to tackle your large-scale or small personal project.

We’ll take on your old home lift installation as you move it to a new garage or uproot and relocate your big shop full of lifts and compressors. Reliable Equipment and Lift has the skills, and we don’t worry about the size of your project.

We serve the Florida panhandle, from Tallahassee to Pensacola plus Dothan, Alabama, with expert new shop installations, upgrades and relocations. We work on everything from home garages to large-scale facilities.

Whether you’re moving a single lift from a home garage to installation in a new garage, or you need to uproot and relocate an entire shop full of lifts and compressors, we can do it.

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