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Hunter Wheel Alignment Systems

Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC carries top of the line Hunter wheel alignment systems. The HawkEye Elite®, HawkEye® and ProAlign® alignment systems running on WinAlign® alignment software can greatly improve the efficiency of your service facility. Wheel alignment is an important component of overall vehicle health and should not be considered an elective service. Hunter’s alignment systems are available in multiple configurations to fit virtually every shop need. We also proudly carry, install, repair, inspect, and maintain all Hunter Engineering equipment.

technician used Hunter hawkeye alignment system


HawkEye Elite® uses four precision cameras to measure the position of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors. QuickGrip® adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and potential rim damage. The HawkEye Elite® increases efficiency by producing results in just 90 seconds. Benefits of Hunter’s HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system include:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Faster setup
  • Lighter, narrower targets
  • Low maintenance
  • High resolution cameras
  • Quickly recall OE specifications
technician uses WinAlign system


Award-winning WinAlign® alignment software maximizes profit and productivity. Featuring the most extensive vehicle information database for North America’s 220 million vehicles, vehicle-specific procedures to guide technicians and patented and award-winning power tools. WinAlign® software boosts productivity through:

  • WinAlign® customizable result printouts
  • ExpressAlign® streamlines each alignment
  • WinToe® ensures a straight steering wheel every time
  • Tools and kits database
technician uses Proalign alignment system


Alignment measurements in just minutes! Pronto digital imaging technology alignment service optimized for speed and efficiency with simple operation and low cost of ownership. Digital cameras measure the position and orientation of the wheels with pinpoint accuracy using reflective targets.

  • Perform alignments at ANY height.
  • No electronics or cords at the wheel.
  • No cables or batteries.
  • No calibration required.
  • No downtime from accidental drops.
  • Self centering adaptors easily handle wheels up to 24in.

Are Your Alignment Jobs Labor-Intensive?

You’ve probably noticed more vehicles coming in that have challenging alignment requirements. SUVs with advanced suspension and handling components and high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles need special care. Even the family car may put your techs and equipment to the test these days. These challenges are costing shops time and money.

Hunter Alignment Systems Handle Changing Technology

The economics of shop operation and the accelerating evolution of vehicle technologies require innovative alignment equipment. Hunter Engineering has been a car service innovator since the 1930s. In the 1950s, Hunter alignment engineers introduced a way to use beams of light to align vehicles, the “Lite-a-Line.”

Idea People Making Your Job Easier

Generations of new ideas at Hunter led to big changes in Hunter alignment equipment, including the addition of computer systems. New ideas also brought small but valuable updates, such as replacing complex on-wheel sensors with simple reflective targets.

Their Own Technology Advances

Technologies such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in wireless alignment sensors add greater accuracy and speed to alignments. Lateral force measurement on the StraightTrack system helps Hunter alignment repair shops handle tougher jobs than competitors. Thinking about the future? From the innovative 1950s Hunter light beam technology to the newest generation of Hunter alignment systems state-of-the-art lasers, Hunter Engineering thinks ahead.

The Right Hunter Alignment Equipment for Each Auto Repair Shop

For space-limited shops, Hunter offers the compact ProAlign alignment system, which fits your service space and keeps up the high standards for four-wheel alignment. For large, busy shops, the HawkEye Elite and the drive-through 58-second QuickCheck provide the results shops need as quickly and accurately as possible.

Handling Alignment Exceptions Easily

Hunter equipment helps your shop handle all your customers’ alignment needs, doing it quickly and effectively. The advanced technologies in the HawkEye Elite allow for faster shop productivity and can handle the complex issues of today’s revolutionary vehicle designs. Camera-based alignment sensors are designed to adapt to trim packages that include spoilers, air dams and other potential obstructions.

Information to Save Your Techs Time

Computerized Hunter systems provide quick, intelligent vehicle alignment. Hunter also serves up extensive web-based visual information and training videos to help everyone in your shop keep up-to-date with the technologies they need to know.

Road Test-Ready Work

When you buy Hunter alignment systems for your auto repair garage, you can keep alignment work in-house and service electric, hybrid, performance and family vehicles easily. From a satisfying sports car drive to better electric car tire wear, there are many ways great alignment service can make your customers happy.

Turn to Us for Hunter Alignment in the Florida Panhandle

Turn to Reliable Equipment and Lift, Inc., for buying Hunter alignment equipment in the Florida panhandle area, including Tallahassee, Pensacola as well as Mobile and Dothan, Alabama. Look to us for complete support from sales and installation to maintenance and technical support. With Hunter alignment equipment from Reliable Equipment and Lift, you can take on routine or tough alignment jobs and get them done without wasting time.