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Hunter Heavy Duty Vehicle Equipment

Heavy-duty vehicles require heavy-duty service equipment. Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC carries Hunter’s full line of heavy-duty equipment including alignment systems, balancers, tire changers, lift racks and brake testers. If you have a truck fleet or service heavy-duty vehicles Hunter heavy-duty equipment may be for you.

technician uses WinAlign system


WinAlign® HD alignment system quickly provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 4 minutes. WinAlign® HD includes:

  • Rolling Compensation
  • Six sensors
  • Self-centering adaptors
  • Fully integrated alignment
Heavy-duty power rack with commercial truck


RKHD heavy-duty drive-on power rack allows for alignment and general service of heavy-duty vehicles. Features of RKHD include:

  • 33 in. super-wide runways
  • Pop-up ramps
  • Two-hand lift controls increase safety
  • Non-skid surface and 8° approach angle
mechanic uses wheel balancing system


ForceMatch® HD wheel balancers allows easy balancing of heavy-duty truck and bus tires and optimizes rolling uniformity of heavy-duty assemblies. Features of ForceMatch® HD include:

  • CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • SmartWeight® technology saves money on correction weights
  • Dataset® arms
  • HD load roller
  • HD wheel lift
  • Flexibility to balance any size wheel

Heavy Duty tire changers also available.

commercial vehicle has breaks tested


B400T systems easily test brakes for heavy-duty vehicles. The B400T increases efficiency by providing:

  • Results in 60 seconds or less
  • Graphic brake balance results
  • Service brake results
  • Static weight results
  • Report conclusions
mechanic changes heavy-duty truck tire


The Hunter TCX625HD heavy-duty truck tire changer combines compact size with a unique mount/demount roller mechanism making it a high-performance tire changing machine.

Technician changes truck tire with TCX640HD


This truck tire changer features standard disk and hook for mounting and demounting, hydraulic-powered carriage shuttles and integrated storage.