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Hunter Quick Inspection Systems

Reliable Equipment and Lift, INC carries Hunter Engineering’s quick inspection systems, which allow shops and service centers to identify needed service opportunities in less than two minutes. Hunter’s quick inspection systems check wheel alignment, tire tread depth, tire inflation, battery health, diagnostic codes and braking balance.

Alignment Inspection SystemAlignment Inspection System


Accelerate your alignment business With Hunter’s unmanned alignment inspection system, Quick Check Drive®. Scan a vehicle every 3-5 seconds with no stopping or labor required, making it possible to check every car that visits your shop. Discover twice as many alignment sale opportunities and achieve payback on your investment within months!

How It Works…

As the vehicle drives through, cameras measure distances to the tire to calculate total toe and individual camber. Hunter’s patented system acquires up to 16 results. Measurement outliers are removed and the other results are averaged to provide utmost accuracy.

Benefits of Quick Check® include:

  • Laser and Optical technology provides unmatched accuracy
  • System distinguishes tire from other elements of the vehicle
  • Hunter’s complete OEM specification database saves time and avoids comebacks
  • License plate images identify vehicle
  • Accurately inspect camber and total toe
  • 16 measurements taken to increase accuracy
  • Repeatable results
  • Scan a new vehicle every 3-5 seconds
  • Only activates when vehicle is present
Hunter's Quick Tread Edge


Hunter’s tread depth unit with tire edge wear detection automatically measures the tread depth of each tire from edge to edge in seconds. Hunter’s Quick Tread Edge® provides more information in less time with grater reliability than any other drive over tread depth system. Unsurpassed environmental protection means your Quick Tread Edge® works, rain or shine. Produces stunning 3D images of every tire, every time with no stopping or labor required.

Quick Tread Edge® Features:

  • Captures accurate tread information on all vehicle traffic
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating guesswork and manual inspection
  • Detects tread grooves and reports up to six measurements per tire
  • Results sent to console and graphically shown for customer
  • Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, includes self-cleaning air knife
  • Flush-mounted configuration integrates seamlessly with Quick Check Drive®
  • Stores tread depth records to create customer history for use in marketing efforts
  • No recurring monthly charge